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MONTHLY LIVING ON LIVE FOOD CLASSESAugust 10th, 2013 Living on Live Food Classes- Are you low on energy? Wanting a vibrant life? Looking to add healing foods to your diet? Alissa Cohen taught and certified me to teach...


The Lifestyle Diet

I understand that there is no one diet that works for everyone and choosing from the hundreds of diets out there can be quite overwhelming.  As a health coach, I have studied over 100 dietary theories and will present you with easy to follow steps to find the dietary lifestyle that works best for you.  I will give you the individual attention you need to accomplish your specific nutrition and health goals.

I know firsthand that many diets out there are very restrictive and do not have long-lasting results.  My approach is to coach my clients to create a healthy and happy life through nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. I will help you find foods and exciting lifestyle choices that resonate best with you and your body. This holistic approach will enhance you physically as well as mentally and is designed to be gradual to encourage lifelong changes and results.